Log of Major Tutorial Updates

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Notebook tutorials

All Jupyter Notebook tutorial headers contain the date “last verified to run”. If the date in the file you are using does not match the date shown in that file in the “prod” branch of the tutorial-notebooks repository, your version is out of date. Follow the instructions for what to do if notebooks do not automatically update in the Troubleshooting tips.

A full history for all tutorial notebooks can be accessed in GitHub via this direct link to the commit log for the tutorial-notebooks repository.

The full history for any given tutorial notebook can be accessed via GitHub by going to the notebook of interest (e.g., the introduction to DP0.2 notebook), and clicking on “history” (near upper-right).

Portal and command line tutorials

All Portal and command line tutorials contain the date last verified to run near the top of their page.

All tutorials for the Portal aspect, and for the command line (Notebook Aspect) are kept in the dp0-2_lsst_io repository.

The full history for any given tutorial can be accessed via GitHub by going to the tutorial of interest (e.g., the beginner Portal tutorial), and clicking on “history” (near upper-right).

Major Updates Log

June 1 2023

The recommended image of the RSP at data.lsst.cloud was bumped to Weekly 2023_21.

In notebooks 02 and 06b, deprecated Bokeh keyword arguments “plot_height” and “plot_width” were replaced with “height” and “width”. The same two notebooks were updated to cast the objectId to a string, because Bokeh was not able to handle such large integers.

An update that was required in many notebooks was replacing “get_tap_service()” with “get_tap_service(“tap”)” (due to deprecation of the former syntax).

Finally, calls to the deprecated method “butler.getDirect()” were replaced with “butler.get()” in a few places.

May 24 2023

Released Portal tutorials 04 and 05.

May 15 2023

Added command line version of Notebook 09a, with a warning that it must be run with uncached RSP image Weekly 2022_40.

Apr 12 2023

Notebooks 09a and 09b have been reinstated, with a warning that they must be run with uncached RSP image Weekly 2022_40.

Mar 07 2023

Notebook 10 on deblender data products created and released.

Notebook 07b has been updated to use the ForcedSourceOnDiaObjects table.

Feb 16 2023

The recommended image of the RSP at data.lsst.cloud was bumped to Weekly 2023_07.

Notebooks 09a and 09b have been temporarily removed from the tutorial-notebooks repository and are undergoing major redevelopment to start the reprocessing for custom coadds at earlier stages of the pipeline.

Notebook 04b, Section 3.3.1 has been updated to show a plot of the bounding boxes of patches which overlap with a calexp.

Notebook 06a, Section 2.1 has been updated to use calexp.visitInfo.id and calexp.filter.bandLabel.

Many notebooks have had minor updates to use SELECT TOP instead of MAXREC (the latter produces an unavoidable but non-fatal warning) and/or remove the use of the %%time magic as all code cells now have an execution time display built-in.

Feb 06 2023

Command line tutorial 01 created and released.

Jan 05 2023

Portal Tutorial 01 updated with a new Section 4, illustrating how to copy the URL containing query results for use in a notebook.

Dec 21 2022

Notebooks 06a and 06b (data visualization) added instructions for how to output interactive plots to interactive HTML files that can be downloaded, shared, and opened outside of the JupyterLab environment.

Dec 16 2022

Notebook 03a (image display) added cutout funtion for calexps (previously only had one for deepCoadds)

Notebook 08 (truth tables) added new Section 3.3 to demonstrate an efficient single-Object search

Use of warning suppression has been modified in many notebooks to align with RTN-045.

ADQL Recipes and Python Functions have been added to the DP0.2 documentation. They include copy-pastable functions and query recipes for users.

Oct 26 2022

Notebook 03a (image display) updated to replace use of objectTable via the butler with a TAP query.

Notebook 07a (DiaObject samples) updated to use the recently released ForcedSourceOnDiaObject table.

Notebooks 09a and 09b (custom coadds) added.

Oct 04 2022

Notebook 08 (truth tables) updated to optimize TAP query.

Sep 29 2022

Notebook 08 (truth tables) added.

The ForcedSourceOnDiaObject, TruthSummary, and MatchesTruth tables were released.

The recommended image of the RSP was bumped to version Weekly 40, and all notebooks were updated accordingly.

Permissions for users’ “notebooks/tutorial-notebooks” directory changed to read-only. For details about the permission change, see How to use the Tutorial Notebooks and NB-Intro-Use-A-NB-faq-readonly.

Aug 20 2022

Notebooks 03c (survey property maps) and 04b (intermediate butler queries) added.

June 27 2022

All tutorials updated for the release of DP0.2.